We're thrilled to tell you that our signature Walnut Vegetarian Pâté

is as popular as ever. As with all our other

products the recipe was been created in our

own kitchen and developed with

great care and attention to flavour.

Our Mixed Mushroom Pâté (a delicious mix of

Shiitake, Porcini, granulatus and oyster mushrooms)

with Italian Black Truffle Oil is also perfect for vegetarians/lacto-vegetarians.

It's a sumptuously creamy pâté bursting

with the exotic taste of wild mushrooms enhanced

by the luxurious flavour of truffles.  








Since we launched our exclusively created

Black Magic Chicken Liver Parfait with Italian black truffle oil it's

been an astounding success with many

customers across the country having

become addicted to its wonderfully creamy texture

and unique earthy flavour. 

The effect on our customers continues to be truly magical.

All our products are gluten, egg and preservative free.


Our range of products includes all-meat terrines,

slow-cooked in the French tradition, a new range of smoked fish pâtés,

Rillettes and our velvety smooth parfaits, including:

  • Black Magic (with Italian black truffle oil)

  • Chicken Liver Parfait finished with Napoleon brandy

  • Duck Liver Parfait with aged French Cherry Brandy 

  • Duck Liver Parfait à l'Orange Sanguine (infused with blood orange oil

  • Smoked Hot-roast Salmon Pâté made with local smokehouse salmon

  • Smoked Mackerel Pâté

  • Smoked Hot-roast Salmon & Prawn Pâté

  • Grilled Sardine and Caper Pâté


Variations of our terrines include: 

  • Wild duck and pork with cranberries steeped in Cinzano

  • Norfolk pork with garlic, garden herbs and red wine

  • Wood pigeon and Norfolk pork

  • Muntjac and Norfolk pork

  • Game and red wine

  • Traditional pork or wild duck Rillettes


Our terrines are sold in vacuum-packed slices (~175g - 250g), but we also sell half- and whole terrines (~ 1Kg - 2Kg) for weddings, parties, functions and buffets.

Mushroom pate platter.JPG