Update April 2022

It's been some time since we last

updated our website and, of course, in the

intervening years, we've all been 

through the trials and tribulations

of the Covid pandemic.

We were lucky - at Blackbird Cottage

we didn't stop making our

products and demand, at times, was

greater than ever as our customers 

were able to order their favourite

treats online without any of the risks of

venturing to the Farmers' Markets. 

Having built our great business before the pandemic, the lockdowns and market

closures really gave us the opportunity

to think about how we were going

to trade during the crisis, and once the country opened up once more.

We took the decision that once everything

returned to 'normal' we would no longer

trade at Farmers' Markets but would continue

to sell directly to customers should they wish

to order directly from us.

This strategy has worked well and now we

sell directly from Blackbird Cottage, despatching goods via DHL with delivery

being made the next day.

While we don't have an 'online shop' as such, our price list is here on the website and

you are welcome to drop us an email order. We will happily send you the banking 

details for payment and despatch

goods promptly. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

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